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Yong Musical Artist Lancen Gm
Gaoming Lu, formerly Gaoming Li and known in entertainment as Lance Gm, is an award-winning filmmaker and artist with a unique array of accolades to his ever-growing catalog. Born November 25, 1997, in China Beijing.
At such a young age, Lance GM has earned recognition as an Entrepreneur, Influencer, and currently musician.
The Chinese-born artist began his journey in production at just 18, bringing youthful passion and faultless attention to detail to the modern scene.
His professionally crafted, uplifting, and euphoric dance-pop tracks raise the pulse and hook you with catchy melodies in the same instance.
Lance has always identified himself as a curious person.
He believes that people stop living the day they stop learning.
He never shied away from experimenting with his own capabilities.
He knows how to control and become a master in a potential field- a trait that is a huge reason behind his current success.
He developed a taste for music from his mother. Despite having no professional training, Lance GM is currently a lifetime enlisted musician on all Musical Platforms.
He humbly acknowledges his parents as his greatest supporters and inspirations.
In the following year, he became a verified music artist on global platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Jio, Saavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, BoomPlay, etc.
He has also performed in many notable national programs and is a ‘famous face’ among the millennials.
With his inspiring life story and notable achievements, Lance GM has motivated youth who want to pursue their dreams in both the music and marketing industry.
His blogs and posts spark inspiration and motivation for the young generation. He believes that every dream can be fulfilled if people have the courage to chase dreams.
By managing his education, business, and music career at the same time, Lance is a living example of the quote: ‘Where there’s a will, there is a way.